Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kimchi Warrior Three Brothers - Curry Warrior & Dubu(Tofu) Warrior

Kimchi Warrior Three Brothers - Curry Warrior & Dubu(Tofu) Warrior
Webcomic episode

'''Kimchi Warrior''' is a martial arts comedy, [[Popeye]] with kimchi meets Spiderman, martial myth and legend, along with values and honestly funny situations. The Mask and Kung Fu Hustle in this martial arts comedy about a lovable loser who becomes a superhero.

==Production ==
The popular cultural icon Popeye is forever synonymous with spinach and the strength associated with its consumption. Now the Kimchi Warrior is the Eastern Symbol for not just strength, but so many other healthy attributes that Kimchi has been proven to increase.

Just as Popeye has forever changed the views of spinach in western economy, Kimchi Warrior shall do the same throughout Asia. The past and present from eastern and western cultures will meet for the first time in a martial arts comedy as the first Korean/US film geared for both markets.

Webcomic episode has launched on a youtube channel
Youtube channel - Kimchi Warrior Webcomic episode on June 1, 2009 by YMK Films.
*Episode 1. Kimchi Warrior VS. Swine Flu
*Episode 2. Kimchi Warrior VS. Diabetes
*Episode 3. Kimchi Warrior VS. Cholesterol
*Episode 4. Kimchi Warrior VS. SARS
*Episode 5. Kimchi Warrior VS. Mad Cow
*Episode 6. Kimchi Warrior VS. E. Coli

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