Friday, February 12, 2010

Kimchi Warrior 5. Sons of Swine Flu - Part 2

Kimchi Warrior Episode 5. Sons of Swine Flu - Part 2

Young Man Kang Films

President Barack Obama, Health Care Reform, New York City, Statue of Liberty, Dokdo Island, Time Square, United Nations, UN Building, UN Logo, Kimchi Onggi(김치 옹기), Turtle Ship(GerBukSeon - 거북선), 신종플루 마스크

Creator: Young Man Kang 강영만
Writer: Rick Phillips
Voice-over: Tim Colceri, Jim Coughlin, Monir Mamoun, Rick Phillips, Jessica Michaels
Sound Designer: Robert Hoehn
Background: Chris Kwon, Kavin K. Hong
Behind Scene & Editor: Chris Kwon
Graphic Design: Jennifer Liang
Associate Producer: Jin Kelley
Special Guest: President Barack Obama, Onggibot, SARS

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