Friday, December 10, 2010

Kimchi Warrior was selected as a winner in the Open Bidding

In November 30, 2010, The Korea Agricultural-Trade Center (AT Center) in Seoul, held its “Open Bidding Contest” for the 2D Animation Series Production to market and globalize Korea’s most popular dish, Kimchi. This year, The Kimchi Warrior was selected as a winner in the Open Bidding, and 25 episodes of the animation series will be produced. Each episode will be 5 minutes in length.

The Kimchi Warrior animation series is a unique blend of martial arts, comedy, and the promotion of good health. The Kimchi Warrior obtains supernatural strength by consuming the most prominent Korean dish, Kimchi to defend mankind from the world’s most notorious diseases (i.e. The Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Malaria, SARS etc.)

Each episode a new “disease character” is summoned by Evil Lord of Disease to wipe out mankind. Under the tutelage of the clairvoyant Kimchi Master, the Kimchi Warrior is sent to fight and ultimately annihilate the disease with a different “ingredient weapon”. It's very entertaining and educational for children. It is also advocates good nutrition to everyone, since Kimchi is deemed one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Won Sung Mook, CEO of the South Korean production company BizQuest says 'The final production of The Kimchi Warrior episodes will be shown at food exhibitions around the world and we will distribute DVD videos of the series to elementary schools in South Korea to get children love Kimchi. These days, Korean children have been eating less Kimchi in their daily diets. So, The Kimchi Warrior animation will have a positive influence on the children to eat more kimchi”.

The characters in The Kimchi Warrior will speak in English due to global marketing purposes. Korean-American director, Young Man Kang and the actors, writer, and animators will all collaborate on the series in Hollywood, California. The final product will be distributed both domestically in Korea and around the world.

Director Young Man Kang now is in pre-production of The Kimchi Warrior TV Series and 4D feature film. So far he has completed 5 episodes for promotional clips that can be seen on YouTube and is still gaining popularity with thousands of hits.

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