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Kimchi Warrior Capturing Heed From The World

 based on the premise of popeye, kimchi warrior obtains supernatural strength by consuming the most prominent korean dish, kimchi, to defend mankind from the world’s...

If you have not heard of Kimchi Warrior yet, then think of it as the Korean Version of Popeye. Well not exactly, but Kimchi Warrior has done to Kimchi what Popeye has done to spinach. Based on the premise of Popeye, Kimchi Warrior obtains supernatural strength by consuming the most prominent Korean dish, kimchi, to defend mankind from the world’s most notorious diseases like The Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Malaria, SARS etc.

Kimchi Warrior
Young Man Kang, is the man behind the web animation series, Kimchi Warrior and he has received many an awards in the lifetime of his career. Kimchi Warrior too has received international recognition and is currently live on YouTube with 15 episodes of 5-6 minutes duration each.
The series is now being developed into a book by Cristina Ducu, who is also the voice over artist for this series.  She has been actively involved in this project from its initial stages. So our team at The Korea Guide had the initiative to interview her on her upcoming book on Kimchi Warrior and what motivated her to write a book on this subject.
The Korea Guide: First of all, what is Kimchi Warrior?
Cristina Ducu: The Kimchi Warrior is an animation series by YMK films which is a unique blend of martial arts, comedy, and the promotion of good health. It is based on the premise of Popeye and tells  the story of a superhero who gets his powers from the Korean super food, Kimchi. This power enables him to fight against the evils of swine flu,  mad cow disease, sars and malaria among other modern-day diseases.
Kimchi (our hero) the cabbage, is discovered by Kimchi Master in the heart of the valley of Bulk Leaves. The Kimchi Master then takes him under his  tutelage, and trains him to fight and ultimately annihilate the disease with a different “ingredient weapon”.
Kimchi Warrior Capturing Heed From The World
The Korea Guide: What motivated you to write this book “Kimchi Warrior”?
Cristina Ducu: When the director Young Man Kang told me about the film “Kimchi Warrior”, I found the idea to be interesting and educational at the same time for children as well as the youth around the world. And that motivated me to write a book on Kimchi Warrior. I am really grateful to Mr. Kang for giving me the opportunity to write a book on his film and at the same time make everyone around the world know about a hero named: Kimchi.
The Korea Guide: Can you tell us more about this book?
Cristina Ducu: Kimchi Warrior, The Book – is a very fun and educational book for kids and adults alike. Because Kimchi is considered as one of the most healthy food in the world, every chapter in this book is in itself a good lesson on health and nutrition. This book is about a young cabbage who is trained by the master to be a strong hero. Each chapter introduces you to a new character based on a  disease like swine flu, mad cow disease, malaria, SARS and others.  The disease character is summoned by Evil Lord of Disease to wipe out mankind.   Our hero, Kimchi Warrior, obtains his supernatural power by consuming the most prominent Korean dish,Kimchi, to defend mankind from the evil disease.
And at the same time when he is not fighting with the diseases he is having a lot of fun and adventure with his friends. In each chapter you will find him making new friends (Cricket, Dew, Sea Lion and others) and having new adventures with them.
Kimchi Warrior Capturing Heed From The World
The Korea Guide: What is the character that you play in Kimchi Warrior?  Tell us more about that character?
Cristina Ducu: My character in Kimchi Warrior… Well as of now I am the author of the book, but in the animated series I am more of a narrator, who is reading out the story of the Kimchi Warrior to a kid. I love Kimchi Warrior and I love kids too, so it was a great pleasure for me to do this.
The Korea Guide: What character you love the most in that series? Why?
Cristina Ducu: My favorite character is that of a Gochu Girl. She is the hot and beautiful red pepper that Kimchi Warrior is in love with. She is always behind him and her presence makes his heart beat faster.
The Korea Guide: When is your book getting launched? Where can one buy your book?
Cristina Ducu: The book will be launched first  in a Romanian version in libraries of Romania, in the upcoming week or two. After that it will be published in English, Italian, French and Korean.
Kimchi Warrior Capturing Heed From The World
The Korea Guide: Where can one watch episodes of Kimchi Warrior?
Cristina Ducu: We can watch episodes of Kimchi Warrior at or just search at Youtube for Kimchi Warrior.
The Korea Guide: What are your plans for the future?
Cristina Ducu: I will concentrate on my acting career, but at the same time I will continue to assist Mr. Young Man Kang with the “Kimchi Warrior” project too. Many people have shown interest in my work, so I hope to be active with my acting assignments as much as possible.
Kimchi Warrior Capturing Heed From The World
About the Author
Cristina Ducu is an actress born in Europe, August 16, 1989, but now she lives in South Korea. She started her acting career ever since she returned to her hometown to study acting at the prestigious EcArt School. That is when she starting writing her book about the animated-movie, “Kimchi Warrior”, which is produced by YKM Films. The animated movie  is directed by Young Man Kang, who is a very well-known director in both Hollywood and South Korea.
The book is little different than the movie. In the book you will find that Kimchi makes a new friend in every chapter and has some exciting adventure with them, which makes it all the more worth reading.

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