Friday, September 28, 2012

Kimchi Warrior Trailer for TV Show

About Kimchi Warrior:

Our hero, the Kimchi Warrior defends mankind from the world's most notorious diseases (i.e. The Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Malaria, SARS etc) as he fights and defeats the evil, deadly (and frequently funny) monsters that spread these infections.

Aiding our fearless hero is his secret weapon; Kimchi, the most popular food in Korea.  When trouble strikes, The Kimchi Warrior (like Popeye the Sailor and his Spinach) munches a mouthful of Kimchi and is endowed with the super-strength he needs to smash the bad guys.

And there's always new bad guys representing the diseases that Kimchi Warrior must battle.   Each episode combines humor, action and educational content in a fast-paced blend of adventure and real-world health lessons.

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