Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kimchi Warrior and Onggi Bot

Kimchi Warrior and Onggi Bot

The Kimchi Warrior:  The protector of mankind from deadly diseases that plague the Earth. Our hero can obtain supernatural strength by consuming Kimchi in order to defend mankind from the Evil Lord of Disease and his seditious scheme to wipe out mankind. 

Onggi Bot:  A giant robot made from traditional Korean earthenware and fueled by the potent power of Kimchi. It can be manually operated by the Kimchi Warrior and constructed to protect mankind from total annihilation on the rare occasion a deadly disease mutates to the size of skyscraper. (i.e. in Episode V, the Sons of Swine Flu grew in such a great size, the Kimchi Warrior used the Onggi Bot to eliminate the disease  forever).  

“Onggi” are traditional earthenware vessels that store key fermented ingredients in Korean cuisine. Onggi vessels are porous with tiny holes that allow air to penetrate inside to preserve ingredients for long periods of time (see  Kimchi Warrior Weaponry)

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